Skateboard And Longboard Manufacturer

More than 15+ years , Manufacturer 200000+ boards per year

Customized Service

As a rich experience for manufacturer kinds of skateboard and longboard, we provide amazing customized service for many famous skateboard, longboard brands worldwide.


We provide graphics design and packing design service for our customers.

Developing service

We provide developing service include mold design, samples test, new construction and new materials testing,

Tak Star Sports, we have more than 15 years experience to produce skateboards and longboards for our customers. we have more than around 80 skilled worker provide high quality boards for our customers, our international sales provide 6*12 service with effective communication.
More than 8000 square meters professional workshop.More than 18 cold and hot press machines.
6 CNC shape machines,
We provide high quality board also provide 1 year warranty at least.
Please feel free to contact with us, we will send you more info about us.
Lowest price not our target, the competitive price with high quality that's our goal.

Price and quality, it's hard to figure out a good skateboards manufacture in China.

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How to figure out a better skateboard and longboards factory and supplier?

A better supplier can help a brands growing up stronger and stronger. A qualified supplier should do the following:

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Convenient and comfortable visiting of our factory

Tak Star Sports sincerely invite you to visit our factory. All the customers we will provide amazing reception service as below:

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"Sandwich"composite construction for longboard

high performance composite fabric to produce longboard and downhill board.

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We can produce 20000 decks or more than 10000 complete boards per month.
We don't have MOQ for blank decks, if complete boards and decks with graphics the MOQ will 50 PCS.
We have more than 100 different molds to produce different skateboards and longboard, our molds can meet the majority most of customers to customized, if you need a special and we don't have that mold we can set up a new mold free for you.
Yes,all of decks and complete board we provide 1 year warranty after customer received the order. Tak Star always be your honest and reliable partner for manufacture your orders.
Canadian maple and bamboo are main of our use for our customers, some of customers will use Russia maple and Chinese maple. we provide US wood glue and epoxy resin for lamination, hot press and cold for choose.
We have different fiberglass and carbon fiber for choose, also have some special composited fabric for choose. 
The main items of payment are available like T/T, LC,

The new customers need 40% deposit before produce, 60% paid before we ship out. we will adjust this item after we cooperation a period of time.

We also provide 30day or 60 days credit time for our customers.

Contact us right now, we will send you more details about us!

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